I'm Still Sorry (Single Version)

by Incertus

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lu lu Common ground is the ultimate blessing music can bestow upon diverse groups of people. Where, for a minute, we forget our discordant nature and simply share an appreciation with another human being. The fact that I can still feel something when Jimi D sings about the “sailboat in his tub” is testament to this notion.
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I'm Still Sorry is the first single of Incertus's upcoming album called If I Tried My Best.
Recommended listened with headphones.


You're always on my mind.
We could have been something that's word to the wise.
Saying I miss bae, but she sees though the lies.
Without you here, I don't have no life.
I don't have no type since, you was the only one that I like.
Should made it work but never tried, sounding like man child right now, Christ.
Trapped in the room with my memories.
Reliving shit that could be.
I'm my own enemy.
Now she with others, moaning in their covers. Just wanna end it cause I won't find another.

I'm sooooo. I'm so sorrrrry.

Old lady done gone up to buffet.
On raunchy shit, wild out saying fuck it.
She thinks I'm judging, well I am.
Fucking with sad dads, used out like rag.
I hope these mean works are my last, blame myself cause I let her past.
Now my whole demeanor is trash.
I never be glad. See everything as a drag.
Ohh crap. Friends all say move along. I always fell that wrong. Body so numb, now my bones aren't strong.
Emotions hung out like cross.
Jimi Jesus guide me for I am lost, give me love, sail boat in my tub. You made me this way now I drown in the drugs,
Lose myself in the nights, I don't remember where I was.

I'm sooooo. I'm so sorrrrry.
I'm so sorry...

(Where did you go? I Don't ever know, I Don't even know.)

Wylin out sayin fuck it, Naa i'm just judgin
I'm sooooo. I'm so sorrrrry.
ah fuck


released December 8, 2015
Dimitri Souverain: Vocals
Shaun Daniele: Guitars
Arnaldo Ojeda: Bass
Joseph Peterson: Drums
Alyx Cañellas: Recording/Mixing
Luke Hutchins: Mixing/Mastering
shaunmindofnothing: Intro
Special Thanks to contributing vocalist : Luke Hutchins, Shaun Daniele, Lisa Daniele, Carolyn Lizo-Peterson, Jerry Peterson, Mclaren Peterson, Glenn Compitello II, Alyx Cañellas, Chloe Nousias, Ashley Bustamante, Trevor Williams, Arnaldo Ojeda, Vincent Daniele, Joseph Fleming, Joseph Peterson, Tracy Daniele, Anthony Rosario, Shoanyn Garzon, Lawrence Monge



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Incertus Queens, New York

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