If I Tried My Best

by Incertus

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released January 17, 2016

Dimitri Souverain - Vocals
Shaun Daniele - Guitars
Arnaldo Ojeda - Bass
Joseph Peterson - Drums
Luke Hutchins - Recording/Mixing/Mastering



all rights reserved


Incertus Queens, New York

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Track Name: Tree Branch
Hey I try to wonder, how come your in my treehouse and your girl. You clearly did not read the fucking sign.

I'm little angry. Now you notice.

Wise man need a substance.

Critic loving it. She burns clothing.

2020 vision of decision not hoping.

Up in the motel, hear the screams after dropping missiles.

Nothing was simple, confused rambling was the issue.

While she fucks drunk men, I lost contact with jimi, so I can never say amen.

Soul reach the abyss, so theirs no way to save him. Constant raping.

Skinhead started shaving, ounce the brothers were staring.

Face so hairy. Life not caring. body so weary.

Now see through the bullshit more clearly.

The ratchets are the polyester and plastic. Now the monkeys are horny, that's fantastic.

Nope really it's tragic. I'm never with a cunt, so they just assume I'm a fagget.

Gun to the head, what's up rabbit. Jacky created awkward laughing. While neo pilled out during hacking.
Track Name: Round Man Slam
Darling left this morning. Storm out when she could.

The loving was good. She saw the edge of my wood.

Felt the hate of my group.
Death threats recorded have the tape on loop.

Roam the earth like a scout. Within the valley, under oak the secrets came out.

Life hanged on a branch but the end happen in the house.

Now I can't get up. Too fed up. Sprits say rest up. Sad boy is playing dress up!!!

Hail drugs, I don't need it. Up to heaven, bullet speeding. Find the words to reason, while the forbidden caught a beating.
Track Name: Old Fasioned Swim
You wanna have dreams and some other shit. Drink some wack wine and live so rich.

The ego within everybody makes me cringe. Fellings is tenses.

Soaked by acid water, but saved by the trench.

Near a inch close to mayhem. Drowning in the water while I see raised hands.

Possession is poison. When did cunts become onions. Rummage thought garage. Hunger gaming faming left you hit with arches.

Orphan orphan. Poor little orphans, tell Ramses I ain't seeing Jordan. Play chess boards, while I was still poor. Leo my might lion roars.

Travel to the majestic seas. Fishes roaming around, hearing the terror sounds.

Kelly done when inside. Her intimate touch was right.

Now seeing butterflies, But in the night I saw demons and wolves, they push and pull.

Melt away my cries. Tale of vinny appleslice.

The kids rows up like Madeline.

Lord ain't satisfied. Now hearing half lives.
High schooler sat a side. I just tried to enjoy the ride.

Falling even more cause I got a crappy life.

Need to take naps on the side.

Passed out from hyper site. Feeling really weary.

I just got all teary. Fear is coming closer.

The coach running these motors.

The depth is coming closer, Christ i hope it's over. Red rover.

Red rover.

Mod in your creation, can't enhance.

Program reality check. Clouds and fogs In my view. Not 6.

Why got all this necklace.

Precious. Kill Zombies with Woody for Twinkie.

Tub filled M dew.

Cowboy Codeine prancing in the fucking ranch.

With buffalo bill. Ride along ride along, with this crazy train.

Bandwagon fagget is a fucking sheep.

Drown in the pool, everyone is tools.

She flashes nudes. Trouble now brews.

Life has no clue. In such a mood.
Cause they said I would loose.

I don't know who. Broke my up cube.

Shocked by a fuse. I am a fool. People say fuck school.

Your a horse I'm a mule. Weather be warm not cool.

Run from the jewels. At bar, break the stool.
Track Name: I'm Still Sorry (Album Version)
You're always on my mind.

We Could have been something that's word to the wise.

Saying I miss bae, but she sees though the lies.

Without you here, I don't have no life.

I don't have no type, since your the only one that I like.

Should made it work but never tried. Sounding like man child right now. Christ.

Trapped in the room with my memories.

Reliving shit that could be.

I'm my own enemy.

Now she with others, moaning in their covers. Just wanna end it cause I won't find another.

2X I'm sooooo. I'm so sorrrrry.

Old lady done gone up to buffet.
On raunchy shit, wild out saying fuck it.

She thinks I'm judging. Well I am.
Fucking with sad dads, used out like rag.

I hope these mean works are my last. Blame myself cause I let her past. Now my whole demeanor is trash. I never be glad.
See everything as a drag.

Ohh crap. Friends all say move along. I always fell that wrong. Body so numb, my bones aren't strong.
Emotions hung out like cross.

Jimi Jesus guide me for I am lost. Give me love, Sail boat in my tub. You made me this way now I drown in the drugs. Lose myself in the nights, I don't remember where I was.
Track Name: Maggie Writes Back
When did love become complicated.

All the couple drama that I hear, no one can't explain It.

I self hate, this self portrait of mind. Christ.

My buddy wonders will I be alright. Escape teenage.

During that game life, I've never found a teammate.

My inter self I've done cremate.

11X Why is you calling back!!

Emotions just pouring. The river is roaring.

Free sprit like the horses. Trying to find the purpose.

Love is the nourishment. Nothing can't be pure as this.

In the mind I'm just loosing it.

Within the mirror, I ask who is this?

I am you. You are me. Highest point to ecstasy.

Wonder what the conscious is telling me.
Track Name: focus rights
6X Gimme!!!
6X Peace!!!

Idiots run for office, while dead make their deposits.

Seeing kids stuck in coffins Lighting torches and crosses.

Makes me just wanna vomit. This b.s. goes on to often.

People talking up gossip, but their opinion not honest.

Don't quote me as prophet. Only viewing common logic.

America lose their minds when their kids come out the closet.

Chaotic to the point, these issues triggered my psyche.

Wonder why the world acts unkindly. Taking global problems so lightly. this why I'm fed up, now watch me rage so lively.

Fight with out using fist.

Disobedience. Life became rerun. previous. Genius.

We lack. Becoming so serious can act.

Coming across these others forces now it's time to attack.

Mask murders. End up reaching corners.


Lost all Dignity, try to regain your honor.

Voices became slient, can't leave cause it's violent.

Hells lava will heat this island.

Towers hit with the pliots. Then soldiers became giants.

Goofy Donald speaking up rubbish, I ain't hearing this tyrant.

Would say that I was liying when I said I defiant.

Us humans are looked as a plaue, since agents called us a virus.

2X Simply just reaching higher.

2X But forever caged by wires.

If the laws can't be correct, then I will just expire. the I will just expire

Now Jesus is crying. My sickness ill with a sinus.

Living in a hell that will forever remain a crisis.

2X So much for men of mices.
Track Name: Exclusion Engagments
Walking down aisle. With flowers and doves all over.

Seeing all this now my life is over.

Need lucky clover. Too much bare on shoulder.

Step on the heart while you screw around in roses.

Jesus hey look out, this girl is poser.

I'm inch closer of loosing it. how can you do this shit.

The art of life, Mona Lisa is a nudist. What a beauty.

Under the bridge ruby. Ruthless.

She said I'm worthless. Now I'm cursing. Up storms.

Forget fruit of loins.

You got married. A New life you carried.

Throw away your pixies as I kill your Fairies.

Blossom up ass. Now who's eating cherries.

Crash the party.

Drunk arrogant dude in the lobby. Touch on her body.

Wine glasses shatter.

Smear your chairs and make up, from the hangover, I needed to wake up.

Raise up on out this place. I'm such lost case.

Prepare to see when I escape.

Sadly I keep contemplating.

Grey life, white walls, eyes became shaded.

Now alienated. We could have grow old, find haven, live with Mavis.

I'm danger, suddenly moving.

Damn love shit stupid. Break the arrow of Cupid. ounce his arms is loose.
Track Name: Tiger BLUES
Fell really gloomy. Cause I just dated groupie.

Through she was a beauty, her sketch life really screwy.

Now I'm going looney. These eyes have gone loopy.

You use to love me, like you love Lucy.
I am too contain by these little loosies.

3x Running like jewels but where hell are these rubes.

Bash your head to this brutal.
Ending became crucial.

Zombie mutant, I'm not human. Jerky jerry hates Newmans.

Now my life is really ruin, now I'm in a confusion.

See these empty shadows that became an illusion.

Screwing with your mother don't call me a judger.

Not a lot more to discover.

In the eyes I see colors.

Too much little fuckers.

They should All just suffer.

The little boy is Easton, while the mother is southern.

Fell really gloomy. Cause I just dated groupie.

Through she was a beauty, her sketch life really screwy.

Now I'm going looney. These eyes have gone loopy.

You use to love me, like you love Lucy.
I am too contain by these little loosies.

3x Running like jewels but where hell are these rubes.

There is always something dirty
When i want it clean

In a cage with these Blades, ford's a runner.

Hunting them down. Hear the sounds of hounds.

Bodies buried in the ground, the grave.

What special gifts have I gain. Coat said, oh my god shit!! let it rain.

Blood rushes my vains.

Sweet bodies what I taste, how much pain does she takes.

Drown in the lake. Wishing I was solid snake.

Fell really gloomy. Cause I just dated groupie.

Through she was a beauty, her sketch life really screwy.

Now I'm going looney. These eyes have gone loopy.

You use to love me, like you love Lucy.
I am too contain by these little loosies.

3x Running like jewels but where hell are these rubes.
Track Name: 854-6255(the running man)

Let's play quitach. You like the hobbit.

Look at the weak, shit they are garbage.

How the hell can say that when I'm starving.

Death Star. Force rules, call it blue harvest.

Troopers marching. War became a circus. Watch the bombs surface.

This full metal jacket stuff has you nervous.

Jimi Jesus, lord know you can't trust a sermon.


Enter the wicked mind and be Tim burton.

So really certain.

If you mess with Beatrix you'll be killed by Uma Thurman.

Burn in a furnace. Fell my pain that was hurting.

It's the black hipster who's so earthy.

Coat mafia with bob and meet in jersey.

Go on and say mercy.

Then reach heaven where the gates is pearly.

Never have a back story. Even tho one day I'm piss on.
Track Name: mod.ska.dott
8X Touch My Mind Lost in The downfall!!!

2x I'm the Dolly Lama, people give up drama.

Zack will be the rasta. Sonic reach the lava.

Too many kids are impostors.

Mac and bloo imagine foster.

Love I don't get a lot of. The man who's desires revenge, should dig two graves.

I guess that life is waste. No more for me.
Such a Huge disgrace. Throw away your pick dick, my old lady don't like that.

Your standing around like Ficus.
Stop hyping up shit.

You turn peace into a trend, rather than a mission.

Trying make a statement.

Sorta of like Zack when and Tom was naked.

All about moments.

Vendetta veteran Vanquish the vermin.

Neo Nazi German. In my attic they are storming.

Treason, stonehead knocked out, now the ground is bleeding.

My vintage sex with xxx is steamy. Whoa hang on their blossom.

I'm busy at the moment. Nothing taps in your mind.

Light bulb up. Young Edison.

Khan tits, rabbits died now it's just their shitty leftovers.

Now my life is over.